This is one of the last photos I took of my father.  It would have been sometime near the end of August or first of September in 2004.  We were somewhere in Tennessee, driving to Sparta from Del Ray Beach, Florida - where he had lived for many years.  My brother was driving the car at this point.  We'd driven all night from South Florida, through Georgia and into Tennessee.  Hurricane Frances was on its way to South Florida and we left town before it hit.  The car was loaded with all of his possessions.

The moment seen here is the only instance of calm I can remember from that trip.  Three Robertson men stuck in a car, driving through the night after an intense week in Florida dealing with our father's failing health and trying to sort out what to do next.  I think at this point we were simply exhausted and had no fight left.  Arriving in Sparta offered a great deal of relief.

My father would end up staying in Tennessee until his death on the morning of November 15th - six years ago today.

Love and miss you Pops.


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