Guest Post by K Vee (#4)

Subject:  who you calling dummy, dummy?
I don't know if i have a doorbell as i have had no visitors in 3 yrs. ("make friends" remains unchecked on my to-do list). i do know that the front door has a ferocious slam reminiscent of a howitzer. my old lady used it last night to express her displeasure with certain workplace shenanigans. Raging about her perfidious co-workers, i battled my unrelenting apathy and feigned a look of disgust that apparently did not measure up to her indignation. declaring that i was, "just like everyone else!" she suddenly hushed and burned through me with a wild-eyed gaze. suddenly, i felt like the undersized, gimpy zebra that falls behind the main herd on the way to being eaten on the Discovery Channel. before she could pounce, i bundled up and set off into the chilly dark to see just how slick the black ice is on Atlantic Ave. Ans: Very. getting back up on my feet, i quickly scanned the scene and was relieved to know that no one had witnessed my hapless topple. or had they?  these creepy guys were staring out the window of the antique store where i had my spill... 

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