Guest Post by K Vee (#5)

Subject:  java jive (turkey)
The chicken souvlaki was sufficiently dry, gray and tasteless - on par for an overpriced greek diner. it's a necessary evil on way to the night's highlight, a good cup of coffee and some lighthearted palaver besmirching the many people "i've had it up to here with" with my perpetually pissed off old lady. but what was this muddy fluid that clung to the sides of my mug? perhaps there was a simple misunderstanding in which the english-challenged waiter thought I asked him to have a tiny baby crap in a cup? how accommodating! like a child who unwraps a six pack of tube socks under a christmas tree, i hung my head in utter disappointment. i stared at this muck and could only wonder; when will things change?

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