Guest Post by K Vee (#7)

Subject:  tempus fugit
people with empty schedules do a lot of walking. it provides purpose, fills holes. my daily constitutional delivered me to prospect park - the uncomely step sister of central. i followed my shoes down one path or another while boneless notions of conquering the planet or at least waking before noon drifted without conclusion. the curved road snapped to attention and a young couple spilled into view. the electricity was palpable. the possibilities were exploding. all the bowls at the party were full. i recalled being there and smiled. when did i settle into the bleachers? the gray gauze of dusk crept forward and smothered a flaring sun. i stretched out in vain as darkness scooped up the fiery presence just ahead. their absence filled with reality. i noticed that the chill had numbed my hands. i began the long journey home where a bowl of tepid soup drawn from a drying well awaited. 

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